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In the past, facelifts were only achievable with invasive surgery. That’s why, we are excited to announce that Studio27 of Colorado Springs is now offering the Nova thread lift, a nonsurgical facelift that safely and instantly lifts and tightens loose skin on your face, neck, with only minimal downtime. A Studio 27 thread lift is an effective way to combat the effects of gravity on your face as you age. It’s especially effective if you want only moderate facial rejuvenation and contour without invasive surgery.

At Studio 27, Colorado Springs we are proud to offer this revolutionary nonsurgical facelift to reduce sagging skin quickly and safely. To learn more, contact us today through our online contact form or by calling us at 719.329.0304 to set up a consultation. A more beautiful, youthful you is just one appointment away!

What is a Thread Facelift?

A thread lift is designed to combat facial sagging and other early signs of aging, and is a non-surgical alternative to the traditional invasive facelift. The procedure takes less than one hour and does not require anesthesia at our Colorado Springs studio.
Ultra-thin sterile threads are inserted just below the surface of your skin through minuscule incisions. Once the threads attach to your tissue, they are gently pulled back to lift and smooth your skin. The effect is immediate and impactful – your “lifted” skin will no longer sag and your face will look rejuvenated. And because you’re awake during the procedure, you are able to follow the process and give your approval once the look you want is achieved.

Why Get a Thread Facelift?

As we age our skin produces less collagen and therefore has less elasticity. Often this will begin to cause a slight facial sagging, giving the appearance of drawn and tired look, or may appear as premature aging. A thread facelift is the perfect procedure to renew and tighten your face for a youthful and refreshed look. If you experience excessively loose skin and more severe drooping, you may benefit more from a traditional facelift procedure.
The less invasive nature of the thread lift procedure produces many benefits:
• No surgery
• No pain
• Virtually no scarring
• Natural results for your neck and face
• Virtually no downtime
• Shorter recovery
A thread lift is so gentle on your body that you can combine it with other minor cosmetic procedures including injectables.

How Does It Work?

During a Nova thread lift at Colorado Springs’ Studio 27, Michael Renee our master injector, uses a special needle that has a synthetic suture containing absorbable, FDA-approved PDO (polydioxanone) attached to it. This suture material is safe enough to be the same suture type used in cardiac surgery.

The PDO-preloaded Nova thread needles are inserted into your skin’s subdermal tissue, just parallel to your skin surface. The suture is placed to the subdermal skin and then once properly attached, the needle is removed, leaving the PDO thread attached below your skin. By inserting the Nova thread underneath your skin, no one can see it on the surface. Nova threads lift your loose skin and stimulate a “selective inflammatory response,” or controlled healing, a principle applied in many aesthetic procedures.

Other types of Nova Thread Lifts include Smooth and Twist threads.

Smooth threads are placed in a mesh, hash-tag, or lattice grid in order to smooth fine lines, skin imperfections, and scars. Twist threads are placed in the nasolabial folds and lips to create volume, soften lines and define lips.

Controlled healing is a process that allows the body and skin to stimulate collagen production and repair itself. With Nova threads, your skin is allowed to heal itself around the sutures as they are safely absorbed by your body over a period of four to six months. The threads aid your skin’s natural (and excellent) healing properties by stimulating the formation of new collagen. The healing happens under your skin and out of sight, giving you smooth, lifted skin with no scar tissue.

No cuts. No incisions. Just injections and pure facial rejuvenation.

What are my Expected Results?

Nova threads can be inserted nearly anywhere in your body, but they are particularly effective for your jawline and neck, areas that are challenging to effectively treat with Botox or dermal fillers.
You’ll notice the effects almost immediately, but they won’t fully be revealed for at least one to two weeks, once any swelling and bruising recede. However, improvement should continue over the next several months as your skin ramps up collagen production even more to add fullness and volume.

Are there any Side Effects?

Nova thread lift is nonsurgical, but because it requires use of a needle (or sometimes multiple needles), you can expect several side effects, such as temporary redness swelling, bruising, and tender or sensitive skin.
Fortunately, if you’re like most of our patients, any side effects you experience should be mild and temporary, resolving themselves within a few days to a week. Icing the treated area and avoiding strenuous activity for several days, is typically effective in mitigating these side effects.

Want to Know More? Contact Studio 27 in Colorado Springs.

If you’re experiencing the onset of sagging skin on your face or neck, but don’t want to undergo invasive surgery, consider a non-surgical facelift with the Nova thread lift and master injector, Michael Renee Bradburry. Request your consultation online or call 719.329.0304 to book your appointment.

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