Latisse: Our Favorite Luxurious Eyelash Solution from Allergan

When it comes to your appearance, your eyes take center stage, which is why efforts to amplify eyelashes have been around for millennia. But rather than the charcoal sticks of old, tedious mascara wands and costly lash extensions that don’t last, Studio 27 has the most powerful solution that promotes natural lash growth, giving you perfectly framed eyes. At Studio 27, our goal is to provide you with what we believe to be the best, and most cost effective cosmetic treatments that enhance your natural appearance from head to toe. Under our expert care, Studio 27 provides the tools you need to look your very best, enhancing your God-given assets. And there’s no more important asset than your eyes, which is why Studio 27 is pleased to continue to make Latisse from Allergan available to our Colorado Springs clients. Here’s a look at how you can achieve longer, more luscious lashes with Latisse.

Medical beginnings

To give you an idea about the effectiveness of Latisse, it was originally designed to help people with inadequate lashes. This condition, which is known as hypotrichosis, can be hereditary or develop because of unique circumstances, such as the loss of hair due to chemotherapy treatments. The primary ingredient in Latisse is bimatoprost, which encourages the growth of eyelashes that are longer, thicker, and darker.  The FDA approved the product in 2008 mainly for hypotrichosis, but Latisse was so successful that it quickly became a go-to treatment in cosmetic circles. 

How Latisse works

Using Latisse is incredibly easy. You simply apply the serum along your upper eyelid (it’s only designed for your upper lashes) daily, perhaps as part of your evening cleansing routine.  In the first four weeks of use, you should notice that your lashes begin to get longer. By week eight, you’ll notice that your lashes are fuller and darker and, by week 16, you’ll realize the full benefits of Latisse with long, luscious lashes that perfectly accentuate your eyes. Please note that it’s important that you keep up with your daily application of Latisse, because once you stop using it your lashes will return to their previous state fairly quickly.
Just how effective is Latisse?

Latisse conducted a clinical study, which included 278 participants who either used Latisse or a placebo. By week 16, over three-quarters of participants “experienced a significant increase in overall eyelash prominence (including elements of length, fullness, and darkness.)” In the placebo group, only 18% reported the same findings.Breaking the results down further, the eyelashes among the participants were:25% longer106% fuller18% darkerThese numbers are certainly impressive and underscore the efficacy of this very simple treatment in enhancing your eyelashes through natural growth.

Using Latisse could help you save money in the future.

At Studio 27, Latisse retails for $179 for a 4-month supply, which is $537 per year. Time required to apply Latisse every night? about 4 hours a year. Here’s some great news to consider, if you purchase Latisse through an Alle provider, you’ll actually save yourself some money for future treatments! How? After you purchase Latisse, as an Alle Member you will earn points, which can then be redeemed on products and treatments in the Allergan Aesthetic portfolio. So if long, full, luxuriously dark lashes that are actually your own sound like something you’d like to wake up to each day, schedule an appointment at our Studio 27 website and start using Latisse today!